Eat Yourself Healthy

There is a well known phrase that having a healthy body is ‘30% in the gym & 70% in the kitchen.’ And while a person can do all the pushups and planks they want, not eating right can play a major role in how a diet goes.

A diet thought doesn’t have to be restrictive. There are ways to lose weight and have a healthier body by eating more. Don’t believe it? Then try switching your diet plan up to include these ideas.

Go Healthy With Everything
Practically everything single type of cuisine you can imagine can be made to be healthier and it can happen in the slightest of ways. Something as simple as having boiled rice instead of fried, eating brown wholegrain bread or swapping that grande vanilla latte for just a cup of coffee can have a massive positive change for your insides.

All the colours of the rainbow
A bad diet can often be one that is quite dull, in terms of the colours you eat and drink. Think of a slice of plain pizza and compare it with a salad with real tomatoes and vegetables. Or just imaging what drinking a glass of orange juice can do for your insides, compared to a glass of cola. The more colours that are on the plate (and aren’t in the form of ketchup), the more different types of vitamins and nutrients your body is absorbing.

Go for the real thing over flavours
Everyone will have a food stuff like this they don’t like. Tomatoes might not be nice, but tomato ketchup is. Bananas are all soft and mushy, but foam bananas sweet are tasty. overcoming the hurdle between something as simple as eating strawberries, instead of eating strawberry chews, will make a massive difference.

Eat like locals do
If you’re on holiday in somewhere like coastal Spain or Italy for example, and your first thought for grabbing something to eat is visiting a British themed pub with chips, or just going to Burger King because it’s quick and easy, you’ll not seizing the chance to eat some of the freshest food in the world. Go and find a local restaurant where the food will be amazing, even if you can’t read the menu. Sometimes being a bit adventurous means you’ll have exciting new food that isn’t bogged down with additives and salt.

Eat better at home
Here is a simple way of improving the quality¬†of the food you eat at home: be picky. Don’t just rely on what you see on the supermarket shelf to do for this week’s shop. Visit online delis to get authentic food at a better price you’d pay for the ‘finest’ range of products from the fridge. Just take a look at the selection of pasta sauces on a site like that, and you can’t argue that a cheap tin of something resembling chopped tomatoes will do your dinner justice.

Make your own desert
Like cake? Hate the restrictions a diet can put on that? Then make your own. If you use fresh ingredients to make a small cake or desert, you’ll be doing as much activity as you would exercising (maybe even more) and you’ll be eating a treat that hasn’t come preloaded with additives to get it an extended best by date.