Alternatives To Botox Treatment

Injectable neurotoxin solutions are an inseparable part of cosmetic dermatology. It uses small, controlled doses of botulinum toxin to help people get rid of wrinkles by preventing frowning.

Several alternatives to Botox have appeared over time and are now available alongside Botox. All having their pros and cons when compared to it.


Azzalure (known as Dysport in the US) is an alternative which uses the same principle as Botox. The only major difference is in dilution and preparation of injectable solutions. Azzalure is cheaper and has a faster onset, though it may last a bit less time than Botox. In younger patients, Azzalure is better due to its longer-lasting effects.

Surface Treatments

There are many ‘anti-wrinkle ‘ skincare products which can used. But this market is huge and there are hundreds of options available. There are some expensive creams, ointments and other solutions which claim to be as effective as Botox and Azzalure. Be aware that many of these can be scams, while others may be effective products but may not work for you. This due to the type of your skin and various other considerations. Injected solutions of botulinum toxin are almost always effective. Also, consider the fact that injectables need the presence of a dermatologist.  This provides a far better guarantee for the results and safety of the procedure.


Botox uses botulinum diluted in saline, and Azzalure uses lactose for the same purpose. Xeomin administers the botulinum toxin in its pure form. Compared to other two injectable alternatives, Xeomin has the slowest onset of action. This means it may not be appropriate when you need an urgent improvement of your appearance.

One of the advantages of Xeomin is that it’s effective for patients with certain neuromuscular diseases.

Botox and Azzalure have been around for decades. They represent a gold standard for injectable botulinum cosmetic treatments. Botox is more known as a brand, thanks to getting an early approval from the FDA in the US. Azzalure has proven to be the one that gets the fastest results, has the best price and high safety rates. On top of this, it’s by far the best for younger people. The only notable disadvantage of Azzalure is the treatment duration. Despite this, it’s still not particularly long, and has the fastest results after the treatment.