4 Smart Fat Loss Techniques for Better Results

Losing weight isn’t easy, and the myriad of weird and wonderful diets and exercise machines are testament to our willingness to try just about anything to improve our appearance. While at the core of any serious weight loss is usually a calorie controlled diet and some additional exercise – eat less, move more – there are a few ways to literally tip the scales in our favour to help make it easier to lose fat.

Through the use of an optimised diet, effective exercise, embracing technology and some clever supplementation you can lose weight far more quickly than you would on a simple calorie-controlled diet.


While the basic premise is to eat less calories overall, you can make this process a whole lot easier mentally by focusing on certain types of food. For example, foods higher in protein and fat will leaving feeling more full and you’ll be less likely to over eat. High carb foods are useful for a quick energy spike, but they’ll often leave you with an energy crash a short while later which will have you reaching for the fridge pretty quickly!

Build your diet around high protein food, healthy fats and plenty of green vegetables. This will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs while helping control your appetite.


Adding exercise to your life has more benefits than simply helping you lose some weight, but it’s an important aspect of any fat loss plan. Focusing on strength training with weights will allow you to add and retain muscle mass, which will allow you to burn more calories at rest.

Traditional cardio exercises like running are good for burning calories, but the can be catabolic meaning they cause the muscle tissue to break down and be lost. Focusing on high intensity interval training such as hill sprints will allow you to burn more fat in a shorter time frame, while also helping you retain muscle mass.


Tracking your food intake and activity levels has never been easier thanks to the emergence of smartphones over the last few years. You can log all your food intake to make sure you’re not over eating, and you can track your workouts to see your progress at the gym.

Technology is also doing amazing things when it comes to burning fat in a particular area of your body. Coolsculpting is a process which involves freezing the fat cells in a particular part of your body, after which the body breaks them down and flushes them out of your system. It’s an amazing innovation which you can read more about here.


Walk into any health food store and you’ll see the walls lined with products claiming to help improve fat loss. Some have a minor impact at best, but there’s a couple which have a substantial impact on your body and metabolism.

The ECA stack has been used in the fitness world for years as a way to help increase fat loss. It’s a stimulant which increases the metabolism (meaning you burn more calories in a day) and it also works as an appetite suppressant meaning you’re less likely to overeat.

CLA is also a useful addition to fat loss supplementation. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is found in various foods naturally, but you’d have to eat a staggering amount to get the same as you would from using a supplement.

Taking advantage of these aspects can help boost the rate at which you lose fat, and should make it far easier to stick to your diet and exercise plan!

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