A One Stitch Facelift

In the past a facelift would’ve required surgery that ended up with the patient needing stitches and plenty of time to recover. Now though, with the rise of treatments in favour of costly surgery, the option to get a one stitch face lift is entirely possible thanks to the wonders of a treatment called Facetite.

With the use of radiowaves instead of the decade’s old approach of slicing skin open, getting a facelift has been this accessible before.

Here is how Facetite works: a tiny incision is made at the back of the jaw where a needling probe can be inserted and subtlety moved around the cheeks. Over the skin an electrode is moving in parallel to the probe. When an area is about to be treated on, the electrode makes the end of the probe ‘crack’ the fat barriers of the skin and absorbs that fatty deposit out. As this happen the tiny space now created causes the skin to latch back on together and tighten up. This occurs through enhanced radiofrequency which promotes        new growth. The whole treatment is thought of as an ‘energy assisted’ treatment, where the radiowaves are stimulating skin and

After the desired amount of cracking has been completed, the needle is gently moved around until the entire skin feels smooth and flawless. Once this has been done, the needle is removed and just one quick stitch has the job done. Now because the needle goes under skin, there will be a slight amount of swelling. This is greatly reduced though from what you’d expect with a surgery in the same vein because it was a non-scalpel incision that was made.

Now it might sound like a painful process, but this is a treatment (not a surgery). Before it takes place, a local anaesthetic is administered so that no pain would be felt throughout the procedure.