What to Know When Pursuing The Perfect Smile Through Cosmetic Dentistry

We’ve all been stopped by the perfect smile.  Looking up, we see a person smiling, with beautiful teeth, and feel a little jealous.  Some people are just born with that perfect smile.  However, it may not be true.  The person you are looking at may have had cosmetic dentistry work done.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

An increasingly popular trend in the United States is something called cosmetic dentistry.  Cosmetic Dentistry is a loosely defined specialization within dentistry, where dentists work on purely cosmetic changes to your teeth, jaw, and mouth.  This can include a number of operations like correcting teeth position, whitening teeth, and even small surgery.

How much does Cosmetic Dentistry work cost?

Cosmetic Dentistry work can range the gambit from relatively inexpensive to expensive.  If drilling for a new tooth or sticking to an extended teeth whitening treatment, the price can be in the hundreds of dollars.  Small work, like correcting the alignment of teeth are significantly less expensive.

What goes into Cosmetic Dentistry?

For most operations, it is safe to assume that you will be out of commission for a day.  Most operations involve at least a minor sedative, while more elaborate one time operations may even see you temporarily under.  It is important to make sure you have planned ahead to have someone drive you back from the operation.  Sometimes with teeth whitening, you may need to stick to a several month long routine.

Are there any risks to Cosmetic Dentistry?

Since only Dentists can perform Cosmetic Dentistry, there is relatively little risk.  There is the standard risk of dentist procedures, but very little outside that context.  The biggest problem is usually artificial teeth being rejected from the gums.  Long term damage is very rare, and permanent damage is very infrequent.  For those whitening their teeth, sensitive teeth is sometimes a problem, where biting into something hard can sometimes cause pain or a weird sensation.

Who should I see for Cosmetic Dentistry

Although only dentists can perform Cosmetic Dentistry, there is no special training received by dentists for them to take on the label of “Cosmetic Dentist.”  As a result of any dentist being able to advertise this service, it is best to find someone who has plenty of clientele already and enough experience to back up their claims.  A good idea is to see what kind of operations they can perform, as well as past clientele feedback regarding their operations. Glasgow Smile Clinic provide a range of cosmetic dental treatments in the Glasgow area, and come highly recommended.


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