What Is A Smile Makeover?

Among the many things that can affect a person’s confidence, a smile is usually pretty high on the list. Many people are afraid to smile fully, because of crooked teeth or various other dental issues which can affect the appearance of their teeth. This is where a Smile Makeover comes in. It involves the use of dental procedures such as teeth whitening and dental implants to improve the appearance of the smile.

The smile-makeover procedure can differ from person to person depending on the needs that have to be addressed. It’s because of that the combination of treatments that are used will differ depending on the individual. Although there are some treatment options that are used such as:

Teeth Whitening – This is for those with discoloured or stained teeth. If a patient has these kind of teeth, then teeth whitening procedure is done on them to improve the colour of the teeth.

Gum lifting and Reshaping – If you have a gummy smile, then this treatment is for you. A gummy smile occurs when the gum tissue conceals more of the surface of the teeth than it should. This treatment option will involve the use of a laser to eliminate the extra gum tissue.

Dental Veneers – This involves fixing problems in your teeth such as cracks, chips or even gaps between the teeth. This treatment uses veneers that leave your teeth uniform and makes you have a natural and healthy smile.

On top of all this, the normal dentistry will be done to complete the smile-makeover process. This is done to check your oral health and ensure all is okay.

Smile-makeovers do provide some benefits to whoever opts to perform it and they are as follows:

Less risk of infection

Studies have shown that teeth that have been repaired, straightened or replaced are at less risk of getting an infection. This is probably because they become easier to take care and clean hence no chance of germs surviving on the teeth.

Increased confidence

A smile plays a large role in ones confidence, the better the smile the more the confidence holding other factors constant. Having a smile-makeover done on you will make your whole appearance better which in turn improves confidence.

Better Smile

A smile makeover involves a mix of a number of treatments aimed at improving the look of you smile. Treatments like teeth whitening will make your teeth whiter and even more complex treatments can be used to make you look better. Actually the whole treatment is aimed at making your smile better, so at the end of the day you can expect a better smile.