A Brief History of Cosmetic Dental Care

How far would you go to get the smile that could brighten up your life?  More and more people are finding their solution in the form of cosmetic dentistry.  As this particular form of dentistry evolves, so does the many ways to achieve that perfect smile.

Over the past decade especially, the dental implant has taken the world of cosmetic dentistry by storm with more and more clinics popping up all over the world.  A procedure which was often thought of as the rich man’s solution to dentures, has become much more accessible to the everyday man as the cost has become much more affordable today than a few years ago. This is most likely due to the fact that so many clinics are competing for the business therefore the prices are much more competitive than they once were.

Even with prices being easier for average person to meet, some still feel that crowns are less hassle, and in some respects that may be true. While there is slightly less work involved in receiving this treatment and it can be more cost effective, the life of the crown is not as long lived as the dental implant.  There are reasons for this. While the implant is fixed in the mouth with what is essentially a screw inserted into the gum, a crown is fixed to what remains of the original tooth. So, the crown will only last as long as the tooth underneath it.  One thing can be said though, crowns are available on the NHS and dental implants are generally not so this can make a big difference to the bank book.

When cosmetic dentistry really started to take off, it was the porcelain veneer that was one of the best sellers. At the time, they were considered the best way to achieve a glowing smile and while they did the trick at the time, I would consider them the least favourable of the options available. They are certainly the cheaper option out of all of the previously discussed options but not in the long term. You see, the work that needs done to fit veneers can ultimately damage the original tooth and while they look good at the time, the veneer isn’t really intended to last any longer than 10 years so you would really have to bear that in mind when spending your hard earned cash.

With so many ways to get the smile you deserve, it certainly does give you food for thought when considering your options. Check with your dentist to see if they offer the treatment.