Some Startling Cancer Facts

There is a reason cancer is such a well-known disease: it has enough statistics to shock anyone in to a major lifestyle change. While it can be seen to some people as just numbers, every figure on a cancer statistic represents a real person who at some point in their lives has had to make drastic changes.

Thanks to the work of Cancer Research UK, here are some of the most startling facts about cancer broken down in to various cancer types.

Liver Cancer:

-People who are heavy drinkers have roughly five times higher a chance of getting liver cancer compared to people who don’t. Combine that with smokers (50%) chance and you’ll realise that it’s less a startling statistic and more a dangerous game of chance.
-Diet and weight play a big part in diagnosis. Obese people are putting a lot or strain on their livers to function more than it should have to. That’s why there’s a 85% chance of a liver cancer patient being someone who is obese.
-You can inherit liver cancer. If a family member suffers from Haemochromatosis (where the body produces too much iron), there’s a slight chance you could be at risk of having contracted hepatitis, which can lead to live cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer:

-The majority of pancreatic cancer occurs in people over the age of 60.
-It has a low survival rate because it is a hard cancer to detect at early stages.
-It has a strong link to smoking, with a quarter of diagnoses coming from smokers.
-Being overweight can affect the chances of pancreatic cancer. Roughly 1000 cases in the UK (1/8th) of pancreatic are connected to weight.

Anal Cancer:

-On average, 3 people are diagnosed every day.
-Age plays a massive part. Over half of those diagnosed at 65 or above.
-It is slightly more common in women than men and is linked to the HPV virus.
-Those with lower immunity are much more prone to anal cancer, with HIV sufferers and people post organ transplant at risk.

Bladder Cancer:

-It is predominantly a cancer older people would get, with 80% of cases occurring in patients over the age of 65.
-The main cause for the cancer, like many others, is smoking. A third of those with bladder cancer are regular smokers.
-In the developing water, it can be contracted as an alteration from schistosomiasis. This is a parasitic disease which comes from infected water in the Middle East and Africa.
-Bladder cancer can have a detrimental effect on how well the kidneys are able to function. This is why urine in the blood is one of the most common symptoms of the cancer.