Treatments For Better Skin

Having smooth and flawless skin is something pretty much every one wishes for. But there is only so much applying some moisturiser daily can do and only so far your exfoliating pad can go. Cosmetics treatments have come on leaps and bounds in recent to help give anyone better looking skin. In this post I’m going to look popular treatments provided here in the UK in major clinics that can help anyone get better skin.

Treatment 1: Fractora

If you imagine that your skin is like one big sponge (which is sort of is) when you squeeze it and put it under pressure, bits of the sponge can sink a little and have dents or changes of appearance. When this happens, it can be quite difficult to get skin back to normal.

Fractora uses radio-frequency through a wand to apply Radio waves on to the skin a fractional manner using a pad covered in hundreds of tiny little needles. When placed over your skin, the pad emits waves which create the smallest of pin prick sized holes just under the surface layer of the skin. Your skin reacts by thinking this new hole is in need of repair and sin cells will clamour in to rebuild and leave the area looking smooth and uniform.

Treatment 2: Microdermabrasion

A new technique gaining popularity for being non-invasive, Microdermabrasion in London is quickly turning in to the fast track solution for smoother skin on the arms and face.

Using a pad with in intake and outflow tubes, the treatment blasts crystals on to the skin and creates a process of deep exfoliation that attacks pores and gets rid of dead skin cells (a common source of blackheads on the body).

It is also known for giving smoother skin than chemical face peels can and without a raised level of risk.

Treatment 3: Photodynamic Photo Rejuvenation

One of the weirder treatments you’ll hear about, photo rejuvenation is the use of pulse light to reduce the size of pores and help people with blotchy patches of skin.

In this treatment, a pen like device is placed over a problem area and light is zapped on it. In the process the intense light causes an artificial snapping the skin that sounds like someone has pulled a rubber band.

In the skin, cells rush to the problem thinking something is wrong and naturally begin to repair skin they’ve neglected for such a long time.

This type of treatment is best suited for someone for people who have pigmentation issues.